About the product
he GAIA combines excellent performance with great flexibility in a wide range of choices for hot drinks.

Exploits different technologies to utilize a wide variety in products such as coffee beans, instant coffee, liquid milk or milk powder, chocolate and is available in several versions Espresso and Instant.

The sleek and modern design, compact size, as well as the extremely simple and flexible programming, making it an all-purpose machine that can be easily installed in any position, such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, recreation, self -service bar or café etc.

Height 650 mm, 450 mm depth and width of only 310 mm, for a machine with a large distribution area that can accommodate two bowls, cup, and then a jug.

The slope portatazzine allows for better management of space and withdraws just in case you want to enter the pot comfortably. Above the door for the loading of water, and a lock function to close the front of the machine


The camera can be mounted in many different places (hotels - restaurants - small bar - hospitals), self-service or not.

Robust construction with elegant and modern design.

Articulated push buttons with beautiful lighting.

Very simple to use, it requires skilled operators.

High quality drinks.

Wide choice of products and technology within machinery.

Great flexibility in formability.

They can satisfy all tastes: from the real Italian espresso to the most north-European filtered black coffee, ingredients powder to fresh milk.

Possibility of fresh milk with steam nozzle or cappuccinatore.

Configurable cans for better capacity product.

Option for Decaffeinated versions Espresso.

Animated nozzles, to always be near the cup.

Easy access to technical and routine maintenance.

Versatile electronic parts (16-bit, 4 GB memory)
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