About the product
H SOFIA AUTOMATIC is an addition to the range BIANCHI, devoted to the world of

Result of advanced technology and a long tradition of top series for food and beverages

The SOFIA AUTOMATIC ensures professional performance, excellent quality in every drink and ease of use.

It is a fully automatic dispenser beverage and thanks to sophisticated plan and extremely simple and flexible scheduling, can easily be mounted in any position, such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, recreation areas, B & B, wine-bar, self-service bar or café etc.

Available in Espresso version. There is also the option to add specific component for preparing cappuccino from fresh milk.

These solutions are clean, complete and make the line BIANCHI increasingly attractive for the group quality hoteliers and restaurant.


Efficient fully-automatic dispenser suitable for field Ho.Re.Ca.

Stylish and compact design.

Easy operation: large selection keys located in the center of the machine.

Delivery area with a height of 24 cm

High quality drinks.

Wide range selection of beverages from the trusted coffee grinder espresso.

Ability to deliver 2 coffees simultaneously to release Espresso.

Option for Decaffeinated version Espresso.

Ability preparing cappuccino with the component which uses fresh milk.

Select for hot water.

Easy to clean, technical checks and maintenance.

Colour coding of individual parts for easy maintenance.

16-bit electronic control: 4 MB memory.

All versions (Espresso) are mains connected.
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