Our Datacenter is located in Tbilisi and complies with all your general requirements.

- staff is available for remote hands 24/7, customers can access equipment 24/7
- Datacenter is located on the second floor, building comply with seismic standards, there are no windows
- Dataroom, inner premises and entrance are monitored by CCTV, recorded data is kept for 1 year
- Datacenter is equipped with fire safety conditions
- Datacenter is equipped with reserved HVAC system, temperature is kept at 23°C, humidity is kept at 40%
- Datacenter is equipped reserved UPS system
- power supply provided from 3 different electric sub-stations, and 2 diesel generators, each generator is more than twice powerful than total Datacenter power consumption
- Datacenter is equipped with EPO system
- access is limited, by bio-metric security system, each visitor is registered

Our Datacenter is the only one in Georgia which is Carrier Neutral and connected to all Telecom Operators by multi 10Gbps links. Total local capacity is about 100Gbps.

More than 60% of local Georgian traffic is originated from our Datacenter.

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